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    Residential Dehumidification


    Residential Dehumidification: Benefits and Installation


    Residential dehumidifiers can remove anywhere from 10 pints to 50 pints of water per day in a home. Without proper dehumidification in a home, homes can experience a variety of difficulties that include health and financial risks. Allergens thrive in humid environments, so these can be very problematic for households with infant children. Dehumidifiers are relatively easy to install and make very little noise when running in a home. Some signs that you may need a dehumidifier include:

    • Water stains on the ceilings and wall of the house
    • Mildew or musty smells
    • Poor ventilation, especially in areas with no windows.


    Some of the benefits of dehumidification include:


    Protection against allergens:

    Homes without dehumidifiers pose a higher risk for adults and children with allergies and asthma, especially in humid climates. Since most infants spend the majority of their first years of life at home, they can be susceptible to a variety of allergic stimulants like dust mites. If the furniture in the home is old and the climate is humid, a home can quickly turn into a high-risk environment for people with allergies and asthma. Dehumidifiers ensure that the environment is safe for children and adults by controlling the humidity to healthier levels.


    Protects your home:

    High humidity can cause an array of problems throughout a home. When your home is humid for long periods of time, clothes will take longer to dry, the moisture in the air can make foods expire faster and the humidity can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Many of these damages will be apparent after a significant time in a humid house. A dehumidifier counteracts all of this and protects your home in the long-term. Many dehumidifiers are portable and come in different sizes, so they can be used in any room in the house.


    Save energy and money on AC:

    In a humid environment, the AC system has to work extra hard to counteract the humidity. Without a dehumidifier, the AC must perform the functions of both cooling and dehumidifying. These costs can quickly add up while your AC continues to be inefficient. A dehumidifier complements your AC system because it removes the humidity, so the AC system can focus solely on cooling. Over the course of a year, this can save significant money and improve the cost-effectiveness of your entire AC.


    There are several options for homeowners when choosing to select a dehumidifier. The best option is always the dehumidifier that best meets your humidity and residential needs. Dehumidifiers can come in different capacities and sizes, so it’s best to consult with a contractor to see what works best for your home.

    Geiler has decades of experience with selecting and installing dehumidifiers for residential homes.

    Take some time to talk to one of our dehumidification experts and choose the best dehumidifier for your home.