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    December 17, 2019 Reid Geiler

    Ductless Heating_The Geiler Company

    A ductless heating system could be a low cost and energy efficient system for your home that could also save you a lot of money in the long run. 

    Ductless heating systems are also referred to as "split systems" because they rely on a main outside unit and up to eight wall mounted inside units that provide different zones or areas that can be controlled individually.  These systems are ideal for homes that don't need to heat certain rooms in the winter.  Certain rooms can be set to warmer temperatures to maintain comfort and other rooms can be set a little lower to save money and energy.  The wall mounted units can also be installed within hours with very little construction activity needed.  A small hole for the piping from the main heating unit and a some wall brackets are all that are needed.


    Some of the advantages of a ductless heating system include:

    Energy efficiency:  Ductless heating systems directly heat the area that they are in, rather than having warm air forced from a central heater through a traditional duct system.   Up to 25 percent of energy in a traditional heating system can be lost as it travels throughout the home, more if the ductwork is leaking in places you can't see.  This wasted heat costs you money.  Also, if the central thermostat for a traditional ducted heating system is located in a colder area, the whole system will continue to burn energy (and money) to meet the demand.

    More control:  Ductless heating systems can be programmed individually to deliver the precise amount of heat desired to a single area at a lower cost.  The units are also Energy Star compliant, which means that homeowners may be eligible for rebates and/or tax breaks by installing a ductless heating system.  The Geiler company can help you find out what local, state and federal tax breaks or loan incentives are available when you purchase a ductless system.

    Quiet operation:  The units continually work to deliver heat to their designated area of the home rather than starting and stopping.  They are also designed to run quietly.   The days of hearing the central furnace turning on and off or hearing the loud fan pushing the heated air through the home are a thing of the past for ductless heating system owners.

    Improved air quality:  The units are designed with a mulit-stage filtration system to ensure air quality.  Hundreds of feet of traditional ductwork in a home can gather a lot of dust, mold, and other contaminants.  Ductless heating systems eliminate this issue when cleaned regularly.

    Ductless heating systems are ideal for new construction, home additions or free-standing areas.  Contact the Geiler Company at 513-574-0025 today to see if a ductless heating system is right for you.

    Check out our Split Systems  page for more information.

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