Testimonials Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

The Geiler Company has been providing prompt, professional and friendly plumbing, heating and air conditioning service to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residential customers over 125 years. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We treat your family like our own.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

Dan P.-Mason, Ohio

Hello Mr. Geiler and Mr. Gellenbeck, 
I just wanted to compliment your company on the excellent service I received from one of your employees earlier this week. We had a plumbing issue at about 8pm on Tuesday 2/18. I called and left a message, and within 5 minutes received a return phone call from teh on-call plumber who professionally and respectfully talked me through the issue. The issue was fixed within 5 minutes! I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the plumber who called, but I wanted to let you both know that my family appreciates the excellent service he provided that evening and the service you have provided to us, in general, over the past 6 years.
Thank you!

Nancy G. - Loveland, Ohio

Hi Terry, I just had the pleasure of your service man Frank at my condo to fix a leaky toilet. Yes, it was a small job and certainly not a big flooding-type emergency. Frank worked quickly and efficiently and in just about two hours --- from when I discovered the leak to when he left -- all was well. Besides Frank's skills. . . . .the real value of this was that Geiler is willing to provide service on the weekend ( and an hour after I called ). For people who work Monday - Friday, with no other family members at home during the week, this is invaluable -- and MUCH APPRECIATED.
Just thought an extra Thank You was in order. Nobody likes to work on the weekend, but we are glad you do.

John H.

Dear Geiler Company,
I wanted to thank you for your recent service call to my home. It was the best experience I have ever had with a HVAC company in 20 years. To explain why your visit was my best one ever, I need to tell you a story. Approximately 4 years ago, I asked HVAC company #1 to install a new humidifier system in my home. However, it never worked as advertised. In subsequent visits to diagnose the system, they told me I needed additional parts to make it work properly. About three years ago, I switched to a new HVAC company (#2) because I wasn't satisfied with the integrity or sincerity of the first company. The second company was very courteous, honest, and customer-focused. They served me well, I thought.
Just recently, I put my house on the market and received an offer to buy. Around the time of the house inspection, the furnace stopped working properly. It would blow air, but not hot air. The house inspector noted this and the buyer requested (correctly) I have the furnace fixed before we could close on the house, which was less than 2 weeks away. I called my HVAC company (#2) to diagnose the problem with the furnace. The technician inspected/tested the unit and said that my heater banks were not pulling the normal 20 amps expected, but rather something closer to 1-2 amps I think. He then told me I have an old furnace (which I do ... 32 years old) and that the heater bank was worn out and needed replacement. He then wrote on my service call summary that he recommended a new furnace, since a replacement heater bank part would probably not be available for such an old furnace.
The company did check for a replacement part and confirmed that it was not available for my old furnace. They then began working with me to price out a new furnace that I would have to purchase for the home that I was just about to sell. However, due to the recent regulation changes with coolants (e.g., no more freon), they said I would have to buy a new heat pump to replace my old heat pump because the coolants were not compatible. After asking a lot of what-if questions, the company consulted with Carrier and confirmed they might be able to fit a new furnace with a different valve (TKX valve? or something) to make it work with my existing heat pump.
At this point, I was very close to purchasing a new furnace and possibly a new heat pump or valve. My Sibcy Cline realtor (Rob Winterman) suggested I get one more proposal and perspective. So I called Sibcy Cline Home Services and they mentioned a couple of HVAC companies that they could recommend. I picked Geiler from the list because I had remembered one other person speaking positively (on the internet) about their experience with Geiler. Within 1 day, Geiler had contacted me and scheduled a visit for someone to talk options with me. Eric Spencer stopped by and asked how he could help me. I told him I thought my furnace had failed and may need a new furnace and possibly a heat pump, and would appreciate his opinion on my options. He asked me if I would like him to look/inspect the furnace before we begin talking about new equipment. And I said "sure, why not". Eric spent a few minutes looking at the wiring and asked me a few questions about the furnace and the humidifier, and he determined that the humidifier circuit was tied into the furnace circuit, and might be affecting the current draw on the furnace's heater banks. He completely disconnected the humidifier wires from the furnace, and guess what? The furnace kicked on with HEAT ... and all 4 banks were drawing 20 amps! My eyes lit up in disbelief and joy. Eric had actually fixed the furnace?! I couldn't believe I was hours away from buying equipment I didn't need from company #2!
I am sorry for the long story, but now you realize how grateful I am for Geiler and their technical expertise, which obviously the other 2 HVAC companies didn't possess. It is the technical excellence of Geiler which saved me over $5000. THANK YOU GEILER. You now have my admiration and gratitude, and all of my future referrals. I only have 1 regret ... I didn't call you 11 years ago when I moved into my home!

Robert Z. - Hyde Park

"You did an awesome job installing the water heater. You sized it properly so that no one has to deal with a cold shower in the family. We also appreciated the follow-up call from Terry to make sure everything was working properly and that we are satisfied."

Amy B. - Villa Hills

"It is so hard these days to find service people who actually care...we own 3 homes and will use Geiler for all of our plumbing needs from now on."

Shirley L. - Mariemont

"The service was excellent and the tech was a very nice young man. I appreciate that he explained the job to me in a way I understood. I feel confident I have not been taken advantage of since I am a woman."

James C. - Delhi

"I reported the problem to your Service Manager. He took an immediate interest and came personally to our home within 24 hours to inspect the situation, answer questions, remedy what needed to be fixed, and addressed the full gamut of service needs...quietly and efficiently."

John B. - Harrison

"We have had service by other companies, I have never been treated this good before. You cleaned up after yourselves and answered any questions I asked. The job was done in a neat and professional manner. I will recommend Geiler Home Services to any of my neighbors experiencing the same problems."

TST Properties - Cincinnati

"On Mother's Day weekend, one of my tenants had a pipe from her kitchen sink break off the wall. I had visions of them being without a sink and having to cut a gaping hole in the wall to fix it. Matt calmly reassured me that we had a couple of options, and before I knew it, had fixed the problem and restored it to working order."

Denise E. - Madeira

"I truly appreciated the time you took to explain in detail what my problem was and what options I had to deal with it and in terms I could understand."

Jackie H. - Montgomery

"Your service was great. Tom took the time to explain things to me. It has been a very positive experience. We won't be looking for another plumber for some time. If we do, it will be you."

Scott B. - Wyoming

"You did a great job! The sump pump works fine. We will continue to use Geiler."

Christian H. - Colerain Township

"My elderly mother’s home recently experienced a significant sewer failure. We had a complete sense of helplessness. I am tremendously impressed with each employee from Geiler I have had contact with. I have and will continue to highly recommend Geiler Home Services."

Jerry O. - Lawrenceburg

"Thanks to everyone at Geiler who helped repair my line. The inside plumbing job (moving the water meter, new copper pipe from the water meter to the interior house water line, etc) is very nice workmanship. There even anchored into the wall. Frank is a real go-getter, get-the-job done guy, and of course Terry was helpful in explaining the situation, overseeing the work, etc."