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    January 4, 2021 Reid Geiler

    commercial real estate HVAC _ The Geiler Company
    Commercial real estate _ The Geiler Company _ HVAC
    Commercial real estate owners always have to be one step ahead to keep the doors open and the employees or customers coming in.  But nothing will send people rushing for the door faster than an HVAC failure.  If it's too hot or too cold, they won't stick around until it's fixed.  No work and no shopping means no revenue.

    This scenario can be prevented with a solid commercial HVAC maintenance plan.  Heating and cooling commercial real estate is one the biggest costs that building owners face.  But peace of mind and even cost savings can be had with a commercial HVAC maintenance contract with The Geiler Company.

    We can do an expert inspection and assessment of your HVAC system and come up with a plan to keep you in business while we take care of the temperature inside.  Our “Geiler Alert” Maintenance Contracts will help prevent equipment failures, increase equipment life, lower energy consumption, ensure preferred scheduling and provide for a healthier working and shopping environment.

    Whether it's a locked in labor rate, preventive maintenance programs or full coverage contracts, “Geiler Alert” Maintenance Contracts will give you a regular inspection of all HVAC equipment, including a detailed inspection during peak operating season to find and fix issues before they become a bigger problem.  Annual maintenance is also included, along with 24/7 emergency service response, priority scheduling and a designated Geiler professional as the main coordinator (with a designated backup) to ensure consistency for periodic maintenance and emergency response.  Your Geiler professional will know your system instead of starting from scratch if something goes wrong.  
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    Our options include:
    Labor Contracts – These agreements will lock in reduced labor and material rates on a yearly basis for providing exclusive mechanical service for your company. You also get priority scheduling service over the non-contract customer.

    Preventive Maintenance Contracts – These agreements provide scheduled preventive inspections in order to maintain your equipment to the highest possible standards. We tailor each agreement to provide the exact level of service that will best suit your requirements. These agreements also give you preferred customer status which means you get priority scheduling over non–contract customers to provide prompt service for your emergencies. These agreements also offer reduced labor and material rates for emergency service calls.

    Full Coverage Contracts – These agreements also provide scheduled preventive inspections in order to maintain your equipment to the highest possible standards. These contracts for one yearly price will cover the cost of labor and materials to perform scheduled preventive inspections and emergency service calls for the covered equipment. We tailor these agreements to the level of coverage that best suits your needs. These contracts are also assigned a primary and secondary service technician to your facility to assure consistency and personalized service. These agreements also provide you with preferred customer status which gives you priority scheduling service over non-contract customer.
    Call The Geiler Company at 513-574-0025 today and let us give you some peace of mind.

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