Is that musty smell in my house unhealthy?

    May 25, 2020 Reid Geiler

    Is that musty smell in my house unhealthy_ The Geiler Company

    Will I get sick from a musty smell in my house?  It depends on what's causing the smell.

    Most musty smells come from household mold, which grows in dark places with little ventilation and high humidity.  That's why houses that have been shut up for a long time end up smelling musty.

    The mold you can smell is harmless in most cases, but if it's particularly strong, it's a good idea to get it tested by an HVAC professional.  The Geiler Company can help.

    Is that musty smell in my house unhealthy_
    If the mold is just annoying instead of harmful, here's a plan of attack to get back to fresh-smelling air.

    Dry things out

    Take away the heat and moisture that feeds mold by opening windows and doors.  Increase ventilation and let the sunshine in.  Check to make sure you don't have any leaks contributing to the humidity and just let things air out.  Even a small leak in a closed off cabinet will provide plenty of moisture for mold to grow.  Make sure that your plumbing system is sound and not contributing to the problem.  Still smelling mold?

    Clean your furniture and carpet

    Clean the furniture, especially those pieces with soft cloth upholstery.  Soft surfaces tend to retain pet and cigarette smoke odors and also absorb moisture from the air.  If the carpet hasn't been cleaned in a while, give it a good scrubbing as well.  If the odor persists, use your nose to see if you can figure out where it's coming from.  The furniture or the carpet may need to go if you can't get the smell out with another cleaning.  If the smell is still there then

    Wash your walls

    Smells can linger in stains on the walls because of grease, dust and mildew.  Give them a good cleaning and let them air dry.  If the smell is still there,

    Deep clean your HVAC system

    Use your nose around the vents when the heat or air conditioning come on.   Is the smell coming from there?  If so, you will have to have your furnace, air conditioner and duct work cleaned by a professional. 

    The Geiler Company offers this service as well.

    Call us at 513-574-0025  or Send a TEXT to get a fast, professional estimate on a cleaning that can finally get rid of that musty smell.


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