The air doesn’t seem to come out of the register like it should….

    June 22, 2020 Reid Geiler

    The air doesn’t seem to come out of the register like it should_The Geiler Company

    Low air flow out of your HVAC ducts can be frustrating, especially if you are uncomfortably hot or cold.  If the air is not flowing like it should in your home, there are a number of possibilities.  

    Clogged air filters:  Filters are designed to be part of the overall air flow process.  If they are clogged because they haven't been changed, they will block air flow.  Not only will this hold back your much desired warm or cold air, it could eventually cause damage to your HVAC system by causing components to work harder until they fail.  In general, filters need to be changed every 60 days.  It should happen more often in homes with a high number of pets or in an otherwise dusty or dirty environment.

    Too much air filter: Filters come with a MERV rating for their efficiency from 1 to 16, with the higher numbers being more efficient.  If you buy filters that are in the 15 or 16 range, they will hold back air while filtering it strongly.  If you suffer from allergies or other health problems, you may be willing to trade a stronger filter for less air flow.  However, if you don't need a strong filter, climbing back down the filter scale will allow more air flow.

    ductwork problems_the Geiler Company

    Ductwork problems:  Ducts that are blocked or improperly installed can reduce air flow, as can leaks or cracks.  Ductwork can also be too large or too small for the job at hand, especially if a new HVAC unit has been added to the system without taking the ductwork into account.  The only way to determine if this is a problem for you is to call the Geiler Company for an inspection.  

    Here are some of the things the Geiler Company can do for you to ensure your HVAC air flow is doing its job:

      Perform HVAC airflow measurement and testing to find the problem
        Clean or replace air filters
        Clean fan blades
        Inspect & adjust motors
        Inspect your ductwork for blockages or leaks
        Clean coils
        Inspect your HVAC design and recommend modifications

    Through July 3, we are offering a special on duct cleaning with three stage HEPA filtration and sanitizing fog with antimicrobial treatment and sanitizing fog at no additional charge.

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