My Home is Muggy

    June 22, 2020 Reid Geiler

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    Why does my house feel muggy? 

    If your house feels cool but you are still uncomfortable, the humidity is still too high in your home.

    Air conditioners are designed to do two things. 

    They blow cold air into your house and remove humidity from the air. The humidity is removed when the humid air passes over the refrigerant coils and the water drips down in the cooler temperature.

    The water you see dripping from a tube coming out of the air conditioner has been pulled from the air inside. 

    Find the drain attached to your air conditioner if you can and see if water is coming out.  If you don't see any water or can't find the drain, it's time to call The Geiler Company so we can come out and have a look. 


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    Here are some other reasons why the humidity might be too high in your house:

    The air conditioner is too powerful.  I know this doesn't make sense on the surface, but if the air conditioner is cooling the house in just a few minutes, that's not enough time to draw the humid air over the refrigerant coils to let them pull the moisture out.

    The fan is set to "On" instead of "Auto".  Moisture is only absorbed from the air while the air conditioner is running.  If you run the ventilation fan constantly, you are just recycling humid air back into your home.  When the air conditioner comes back on, it hasn't gained any ground on the humidity.

    The air conditioner needs servicing.  Just like cars, HVAC systems need regular maintenance.  There are a number of components involved with making an air conditioner run properly, and any one of them can fail or stop working at peak efficiency.  

    If you think that the humidity in your home is too high, call the Geiler Company at 513-574-0025. 

    Right now through July 3, we are offering a maximum efficiency A/C tuneup for only $89.00. 

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    If we discover a bigger problem, we can handle that too. 

    Don't let high humidity keep you from enjoying the comfort of your home.

    Learn more about Indoor Air Quality.


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