Clogged Toilet? How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush

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Clogged Toilet? How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush_ the geiler company

how to fix a toilet that won't flush_the geiler company

A toilet that won’t flush is a common issue most people have come across. It is easily identifiable because when the handle is pushed down on, the toilet won’t flush. This can be due to several problems with the toilet. The first step to fixing a toilet that won’t flush is diagnosing it; there might be several internal or external issues with the toilet that caused it to be unable to flush. Some underlying causes of a toilet being unable to flush include damage to the flapper, clogging and issues with the lift chain. Depending on which part of the toilet is malfunctioning, a different procedure is followed to fix the toilet and make it flush normally again.


            Some common issues in flushing can be pointed to problems with the flapper. The flapper is the rubber cup-shaped object at the bottom of the toilet tank; it’s usually black and easily seen when the toilet tank cover is removed. When the handle of a toilet is pushed down on, it lifts the flapper and allows the water that is in the tank to to enter the toilet bowl. Since the flapper plays such an important role in the toilet bowl receiving water from the tank, any damage or issue to the flapper may result in leakage of water into the toilet bowl. When a flapper is damaged, the best course of action is to replace it. The flapper and lift chain go hand-in-hand and are not too expensive to replace. The best way to do this is to first remove the detached flapper; this is done by turning off the water the water to the toilet and consequently pushing down the handle to remove the water in the tank. Next, unhook the metal arm and the flapper can be removed.

how to fix a tolet that won't flush_the geiler company

            Additionally, flushing issues can be correlated with problems with the lift chain. The lift chain is attached to the flapper and is seen at the bottom of the toilet tank also. The lift chain attaches on two ends: the top of the flapper on one end and a long metal arm on another. The chain decides how high the flapper raises, so any problems with the chain will likely result in the flapper not functioning properly. The best way to fix a malfunctioning lift chain is to replace it since it’s in expensive. Most models do not cost more than $10.

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            Clogging is also one of the reasons a toilet may not flush properly; it is often the most common reason why a toilet may have weak or no flush. Similar to clogging in sinks or other areas, waste and other matter stuck in the way of flushing might significantly weaken or stop flushing all together. The best method to start unclogging is to start plunging the toilet. Usually trying a few intervals of plunging with flushing will get rid of most minor clogs, but if it the clogging persists, it might be best to seek professional help.

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