Five Reasons Your Toilet Is Making a Hissing Sound

    May 2, 2022 Reid Geiler

    five reasons your toilet makes a hissing sound_the geiler company

    If your toilet is making a hissing sound, there could be several reasons why. The chances are good that you're interested to learn the source of the hissing noise coming from your toilet.


    This blog post will explore why your toilet might be making that annoying hissing noise and how to fix it.


    Check The Fill Valve


    There could be a problem with the fill valve. If the fill valve is damaged or not working correctly, it can cause a hissing noise. To fix this, you'll need to replace the fill valve.


    If you already have the proper tools on hand, replacing a fill valve should be no problem. However, if you're not familiar with plumbing repairs, it's worth contacting a professional.


    The last annoying issue most people want to deal with is a loud toilet that's on its way to failure or a messed-up repair job that makes everything go sideways.


    Remember, that hissing sound is probably a warning that a worse calamity will soon strike your system.

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    The Flush Valve May Be Faulty


    The hissing sound may indicate an issue with the flush valve. If the flush valve is damaged or not working correctly, it can cause a hissing noise. To fix this, you'll need to replace the flush valve.


    • First, stop the water flow to the toilet by shutting off the valve behind it.
    • Then, flush the toilet to empty the tank.
    • Remove the tank lid and its handle.
    • Disconnect the flush valve from the tank.
    • Install the new flush valve in the exact location


    If you can finish these steps, the hissing sound will be gone.

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    The Tank May Have Cracks


    If the tank is cracked or otherwise damaged, it can cause a hissing noise. To fix this, you'll need to replace the entire tank.


    Although you may not like the idea, installing a new tank is beneficial. You'll likely notice a reduction in your water bill because the new unit will have no leaks.


    If it's pretty old, an upgrade is in order. If it's newer, you may consider the repair cost and decide to fix it.


    Benefits of Modern Toilet Tanks


    • Better Hygiene - Older toilet tanks can be challenging to clean and may have hidden areas where bacteria grow. Modern toilet tanks feature easy-to-clean surfaces with fewer nooks and crannies for germs to hide. In addition, other functionalities like auto-flush mechanisms help reduce the spread of bacteria.
    • Improved Efficiency - Most older toilet tanks use a lot of water every flush. Modern toilets are more efficient, using less water per flush. More efficiency contributes to saving money on your water bill and helps reduce your overall impact on the environment.
    • Quieter Flushing - If your toilet constantly makes noise, it may be time to replace the tank. Older tanks can develop problems with the fill valve, which can cause water to continually enter the tank and make hissing or other loud, annoying sounds. Newer toilet tanks are much quieter, so you can enjoy quiet in your bathroom.


    The Sound May Be Coming from Pipes


    In some cases, hissing may signal a problem with the pipes. For example, if the lines are loose, corroded, or otherwise damaged, they can cause a hissing noise. You'll need to have the pipes repaired or replaced to fix this.


    A project like this is challenging and may not suit the average homeowner. Working directly with piping involves the need for tools and specialized know-how. Without those two, you risk damaging your system, which can be extremely expensive to repair.

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    A Septic System May Be Involved


    If your home has a septic system, there's always the potential that something went awry. If the septic system is malfunctioning, it can cause a hissing noise. You'll need to have a qualified professional assess the situation and provide advice on the best course of action.


    Finding The Source Leads To The Solution


    No matter the cause of the hissing noise, you'll need to find the source before you can fix it. Once you know what's causing the problem, you can take steps to address it.


    If you can't source the noise or don't feel confident in your ability to make repairs, calling a professional is always a best practice.


    Residents in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and South-Eastern Indiana can contact Geiler for help. Our experts have the tools and know-how to solve even the most challenging hissing noise problems. We're ready to help!

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