Can a leaking outside faucet cause damage to my home?

    March 2, 2023 Reid Geiler

    Can a leaking outside faucet cause damage to my home_ The Geiler Company

    Ignoring a leaking outside faucet may seem harmless, but this seemingly minor issue can actually cause major damage to your home. By understanding the possible consequences of not taking care of a leaky faucet, you can protect yourself from serious damage and expensive repair costs in the future.


    A Leaking Outdoor Faucet Increases Utility Bills

    Leaky faucets can be a huge drain on your wallet. Even a tiny leak can waste precious gallons of water each hour, resulting in a noticeable jump in your utility bills. This could have a lasting financial impact if the leak isn’t attended to and allowed to continue for an extended period of time. Make sure to inspect all faucets regularly and address any plumbing issues you may find as soon as possible.


    Wasteful Water Usage

    Ignoring a leaky outside faucet can cause an increase in water usage, not to mention the wastefulness of it all. A small drip may seem negligible at first, but could quickly add up, especially with multiple small drips coming from multiple leaky faucets. This wastes resources and raises your water bill. It also causes unnecessary pollution because the excess water enters local waterways untreated. So make sure to address any leaks right away!

    Can a leaking outside faucet cause damage to my home_ increased water bill_the geiler company

    Soil Erosion and Flooding

    A leaky faucet can throw off the balance of your yard. It causes soil erosion when water reaches clay soil or other soft surfaces, washing away the natural territory and disrupting plant life. This can also lead to flooding in areas with poor drainage as a larger area of soil is flooded quickly. Moreover, the softened soil produces an ideal environment for pests such as termites, putting your home at risk from intruders that could further damage your property.


    Damage to the Home’s Foundation can be caused by a leaking Outdoor Faucet

    Ignoring a leaky outdoor faucet can put your home at risk. Consistent water running down the side of the house can infiltrate into the foundation and lead to water damage. This weakens the stability of the foundation and can leave you with costly repairs to fix an issue that could have been easily prevented by replacing an inexpensive part in the faucet.

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    Accumulated Winter Damage

    If the issue is left unchecked throughout the winter months, the result can be even more damage. Constant freezing and thawing of water in and around the foundation of your house can leave cracks that water will exploit to get into your home. This ice-related expansion when combined with the constant flow of water leaking from an unpatched faucet can cause more serious issues like foundation collapse or flooding that require intensive repairs to fix.

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