Are Gas Water Heaters Better Than Electric?

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Are gas water heaters better than electric?  It depends on what features you are looking for.  

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There are two main advantages that gas heaters have over electric ones.   In water heaters of similar size, heating power and capacity, gas heaters will heat water faster than electric ones because the gas burns hotter than an electric heating element.  The other big advantage of gas is price.  

While gas water heaters generally cost more than their electric counterparts, they are cheaper to use because natural gas is generally less expensive than electricity.  That, combined with the faster heating factor, means that you will use less energy on a monthly basis.  Gas water heaters generally cost about 20 percent more than electric ones, but the energy savings will make up for that extra cost in about a year.  After that, assuming an average ten year lifespan, a gas water heater is a better choice in the long run from a financial standpoint.

However, when it comes time to replace the water heater, the financial advantage could turn back to electric models.  It is possible for a dedicated and well-researched homeowner to replace an electric water heater, but it's still a complicated job.  This gives an opportunity to save on installation costs.  However, if something goes wrong, you might create a more expensive problem than a standard installation.

Gas water heaters are another matter.  A licensed and experienced plumber is the only person that should attempt to remove and replace a gas water heater.  Connecting gas valves, ensuring proper flow and venting and checking for leaks is the job of a professional.  An improperly installed valve or venting issues could create a buildup of natural gas in the home.  That can lead to possibly fatal consequences if there is a buildup of Carbon Monoxide or an explosion.

A water heater usually lasts about ten years.  If yours is showing its age, take action before you get a surprise cold shower.  Call us at (513) 574-0025 and let our experienced professionals talk about options for replacing your water heater.

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