How to lower your electric bill

    October 28, 2019 Reid Geiler

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    The average family spends about $2200 on energy every year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  For many people, the biggest single energy expense is the electric bill.  The need for electricity will never go away, but there are ways to spend less and still stay plugged in.
    Heating and cooling are the biggest energy expense in any home, so the first step toward lowering your electric bill is adjusting your thermostat.  The Energy Department says that one degree of adjustment down in the Winter or up in the Summer will save you about three percent per degree on your electric bill. 
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    A programmable thermostat can also save you money if you use it consistently.  Adjusting the temperature up or down ten degrees depending on the season can save you about ten percent of your energy costs per year.  The trick is to make sure that the adjustment is at least eight hours a day.  Any less than that, and you won't gain any ground because the units will always work harder to get the temperature back to where you want it when you get home. Programmable thermostats cost anywhere from $90-$150 plus installation, so your goal is to break even the first year and then start saving from there.
    Hot water is the second biggest expense in a home.  The more you use and the hotter you keep it, the more energy you consume and pay for.  Most water heaters are factory set at 140 degrees. Cutting that to 120 degrees won't seem like much of a difference, but will save you money in the long run.  Washing your clothes in warm or even cold water will also save money.
    Checking your home insulation level, checking doors and windows for leaks and even putting on warmer or cooler clothing are also ways that you can keep your heater or air conditioner from working as hard.
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