Does water have a taste?

    April 13, 2020 Reid Geiler

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    Does water have a taste?  The short answer is yes.

    Research done on the perception of taste in water shows that there are a number of factors at play, including what minerals are present in the water, where the water comes from and the unique biology of the taster.  That's why some people will insist that their water has a taste and others can't taste a thing.

    Let's start with the minerals.  Water from natural sources like rivers, springs or wells all have microscopic bits of minerals in them, even after the filtering process.  If you look at a bottle of water or get a water quality report from your municipal provider, you will find a measurement of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS on the label) in parts per million (PPM).  All this means is that minerals are present.  Research has shown that bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium and magnesium are the four minerals that affect taste the most.

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    If the water is directly from a spring or well, it is much more likely that minerals will be present and at a higher level.  This is why many people think that water from natural sources tastes better than processed and filtered water.

    It also could be you.  Research has shown that water activates the sour taste buds on the tongue.  And since taste buds are activated in the same part of the brain that processes emotion and memory, how you feel about the source of the water or a good or bad memory can affect your perception of the taste.

    Different people can have different perceptions of the taste of water, even if it comes from the same source, same tap and even the same glass.  If you or someone else in your home doesn't like the taste of your water, we can help.  The Geiler Company can install an AlwaysFresh drinking water filter in your home that will generate plenty of filtered water for your needs. 

    If you are ready to change the taste of your water, call or text us at 513-574-0025.


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