Clogged Drain? 9 Things You Should Never Put Down The Drain

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9 Things You Should Never Put Down The Drain_the geiler company

Nobody wants to start off the holiday season with a clogged drain.

Here are some tips to avoid that emergency plumber call.

Here is a list of 9 things you should never put down the drain.


We know. You run hot water behind it to wash it down the drain, but grease coats the inside of pipes and can lead to a clogged drain. As it cools down it solidifies and create a real problem.


Kitty Litter

It may say  it is flushable, but flushable kitty litter can clog your drain and cause problems if you have a septic system.


Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds do not dissolve and can accumulate in piper bends and create a clog.



Even though your garbage disposal grinds up eggshells, they will not dissolve in your drain. They accumulate in pipe bends and give grease and other substances a place to stick.



Most paints are water based and you can wash them off with water so you would assume they are safe to flush down the drain. In many cities it is against the law to flush paint down the drain. Remember that Kitty Litter you need to get rid of? Use it fill empty paint cans to absorb any leftover paint.

 paper_9 things to never put down your drain_the geiler company

Paper Products

You will see them term biodegradable on many paper  towel and cotton ball  packages. That does not mean you should flush them down the drain. They will absorb water and clog your pipes. Notebook paper will not dissolve easily in water. Put in the garbage can.


It is great for baking pies and cakes, but you know what happens when you add water. It becomes a globby mess and will clog your pipes.

9 things you should never put down the drain_fruit_the geiler company 

Fruits & Vegetables

The stickers from fruits and vegetables will clog your drain. The pits will also get stuck in pipe bends and prevent your sink from draining.


Pasta & Ricepasta_9 things you should never put down your drain_the geiler company

These are starches and will swell up and prevent your sink from draining.





You might be reading this after the fact and have a clogged drain.

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