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Avoid Expensive Repairs!

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Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreements

Geiler's Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreements (PCMA)

Save Money and Hassles with a Low Cost Maintenance Agreement The Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement (PCMA) increases your HVAC and plumbing systems - reliability, but should you need emergency service, the PCMA entitles you to scheduling preferential treatment and discounts on all service including parts & labor, accessories and new equipment installations.

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Heating and Cooling - Low Cost Agreement

Save money with a HVAC preferred customer maintenance agreement. Our low cost maintenance agreements keep your heating and cooling equipment operating at peak performance with maximum efficiency throughout the year. They help prevent major breakdowns before they occur (such as an untimely furnace repair). You also enjoy priority service and discounts on all service including parts and labor, accessories and new equipment installations.

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Plumbing Maintenance Agreement

Our Cincinnati Plumber's Service Division offers a low cost Plumbing Maintenance Agreement for all of your plumbing systems. Increase your plumbing's reliability with automatic periodic inspections, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your water heater and plumbing fixtures will keep them operating at peak, trouble free efficiency by identifying potential problems before they cause major trouble.

For any repairs not covered by this agreement you will be charged the “VALUE RATE” (20% savings!). Of course, we always get your permission before we proceed with any repairs not covered by the agreement.

For More Information  Email Geiler's Residential Maintenance Agreements Specialists:

Ryan Howell Residential Service Coordinator 

Anne Cox Residential Service Coordinator

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